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✝ First Holy Communion 2023 ✝

Our 2nd class students will receive the Sacrament of First Holy Communion during the month of May. 

The ceremonies will take place in The Church of the Sacred Heart in Seabury on the following dates for each class:


Room 18 Ms. Clinton - 10:30a.m. Friday 5th of May

Room 19 Ms. Kearns/Ms. Martin's - 1:30p.m. Friday 5th of May


Room 20 Ms. Burke - 10:30a.m. Friday 12th of May

Room 21 Ms. Callely - 1:30p.m. Friday 12th of May


Room 24 Ms. Kieran -  10:30a.m. Friday 17th of May


Best wishes to all the boys and girls who will be making their First Holy Communion. We hope they have a truly memorable and enjoyable day. 

A huge thank-you to everyone involved in preparing the students for this special day.