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The Irish poem we have been learning in school this week. 

Bia - Food

This month our theme is “Bia” which is the Irish for “Food”. Learn Irish gaelic words for different food bits. - do ghaeltacht féin Learn the Irish language online.

Learn Irish - Numbers 1-10

Revision - counting from 1-10 in Irish

Learning Irish: Colours

Revision of all the colours in Irish . See how many you can remember!

Body parts as Gaeilge - Theme : Mé Féin

A lovely catchy video to help you learn the parts of the body 'as gaeilge' with a little help from a few Minions!

Key phrases for Irish Theme One 'Mé Féin' or 'Myself'

Some key phrases as Gaeilge for the theme of 'Myself'/ 'Mé Féin' - pronunciation and English translation too. This is a useful video to help with your Irish at home.