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Geography : countries and capitals

Science : Using a lemon to power a watch

Geography : Mapping - Making our own treasure maps

Science: Flying Rocket Experiment

Science : Design and Make a Magnetic Fishing Game

History: Webquest all about The Normans

Science - Fun with magnets

SESE Science Investigating soils using Kahoot on the I pad

SESE Science - exploring forces pull - Moving animals

SESE History/Tech Week: If Granny had an Ipod

SESE Science - Planting tomatoes thanks to Heinz ketchup

SESE Science- finally flowers on the runner beans

SESE Geography -Our Flat Stanley Projects

SESE Science: Sow and Grow Star Growers Winner March - Thanks Innocent!

SESE Geography - A sample of our Flat Stanley Projects

SESE Geography - Trying Sushi and using chopsticks! Thanks Erin!

SESE Science Innocent Sow and Grow Competition Update

SESE Science- Swirly Snakes investigating the 'Centre of Gravity'

SESE History - Tutankhamun and Hieroglyphics

This week , we have been learning all about the boy king of Egypt Tutankhamun. We looked at pictures of his tomb and the treasures that were discovered there. 


We also visited the App 'Ancient Egypt' on the I-pads and learned how to write our name in hieroglyphics. We thought it was quite tricky!

SESE History using IPads

SESE Science - Innocent Sow and Grow

We have been busy planting runner beans, carrots and cress seeds. We chose to leave them in the window sill as they would get plenty of light and heat there. Every week, we will pick a 'Gardener of a Week' to water our plants daily. We also our 'tweeting' about our journey on the PJP Twitter page. This is part of the Innocent Sow and Grow Competition. Click on the blue twitter bird at the bottom of the homepage and it will bring you to our school Twitter Page. Please follow us if you can! 

SESE Science Innocent Sow and Grow- Follow us on Twitter

SESE History - Story 

We have read two different stories- The first was the legend of Setanta . 

The second was the story of St. Brigid and how she became a saint. 


SESE History and Geography

We have started learning all about Egypt. We have compared life in Egypt with life in Ireland. 

SESE Science and Geography- The Water Cycle in a bag

S.E.S.E. Science and Geography - The Water Cycle Song

We have had great fun learning all about 'The Water Cycle'. We found this song really useful at helping us remember the three big words- evaporation, condensation and precipitation. Once you listen , we think you'll be singing along too! This is "The Water Cycle Song" by LolaAlejandra2010 on Vimeo.

SESE Science- Design and make a windsock

SESE Geography - Flat Stanley on tour

Well, Stanley is still off on his adventures however he has been busy on social media. Wendy's Stanley 'tweeted' the school from The French Alps and sent us a video of himself and Wendy's cousins skiing! We think he's very brave!


Pablo's Stanley has arrived in Madrid and Pablo's uncle took him to see Real Madrid play .We think he must have been very excited. 


Finally, Aileen's Stanley has been busy exploring London. He has been getting to grips with some new modes of transport -The  big red bus, The London Eye and the underground train nicknamed 'The Tube'. 

SESE Science- Gritting the roads/ Conductor of heat

We conducted two classroom experiments involving ice and heat. The first one we placed four ice cubes at various locations around troom- on wood, plastic, on the metal art trolley and on a paper plate. We waited for a while to discover which surface was the best conductor of heat. What do you think it was? Joseph very cleverly used some knowledge he knew already ...he recognised that the radiators were made of metal! This gave him a clue!


The second experiment , we investigated what happens when you mix ice cubes and salt together as opposed to just ice. What do you think happened? Which one melted first? 

SESE History - Ireland in the 1900s

We have been learning all about what life was like in the tenements back in 1900. It was very different from our lives today. Find out more about it at the following link This is part of the annual handwriting competition which we are going to enter. 

SESE Geography - Flat Stanley Update

Well Flat Stanley has set off an his adventures. We are tracking his journey on Google Maps , the classroom globe and we have marked all the locations he is going to on our classroom wall map. 


He is certainly going worldwide- from Mayo to London to Spain to Hungary. He is going as far away as Oman and South Africa! He has even boarded a plane to South Korea, Singapore and Australia. Flat Stanley is also planning on visiting a few different States in America. 


So far we have heard from Wendy's cousins in France who have taken Stanley skiing in The Alps. You can see a video of him here on our Twitter page : . 


Pablo's uncle very kindly took Stanley on some wonderful adventures around Madrid in sunny Spain. He was so lucky , he even got to go see Real Madrid play soccer!


Aileen's Stanley has had a ball in London, travelling around on the underground nicknamed "The Tube" and also on a big red bus!


Keep watching this space and our Twitter page for further updates! Well done everyone for sending him off so promptly! Please make sure Stanley is back by early March. If there is a problem let Miss Magner know and she will help you yo send Stanley somewhere. 

SESE Science - Heat and Temperature

This week, we are exploring heat and temperature. We measured our temperature using face thermometers. We recorded it as 37 degrees celcius. Afterwards, we left the thermometers aside and we noticed the temperature dropped. For our second experiment  we explored insulation. We got three jars. We covered the first jar with cotton wool, the second with felt and the third with tissue paper. We filled each jar with warm. We measured recorded the temperature after 2, 5 and 10 minutes. Which one do you think was the best insulator?

Taking our Temperature

SESE Geography: Flat Stanley is off on his adventures! Keep an eye on Twitter for where he goes next!

SESE History : Tom Crean-Antarctic Explorer

We have been learning all about a very famous Irish explorer called Tom Crean. This is an animation created by the children of 1st and 2nd class in Burnfort National School, Cork, Ireland telling the amazing story of Tom Crean. Tom came from Kerry and went to Antarctica with both Scott and Shackleton. He's adventures during these trips earned him awards for bravery.

SESE Geography and Science- Antarctica

In class, we have been learning all about The Polar regions. This movie was shot during a 20 day trip to Antarctica in December 2014 to January 2015. The journey started from Ushuaia in Argentina and went to Port Williams in Chile, rounded Cape Horn and crossed the Drake Passage towards the Melchior Islands in Antarctica.

Science: Design and make musical instruments

Learning how to research using Safari, Google and I Pads

Experiment time: How does sound travel? and Making string telephones

Experiment time: Changing states- solid to liquids- Making Jelly

The Counties of Ireland

A video to help teach the counties of Ireland to primary school children through song, using a familiar tune 'Freres Jacques'.


The Stone Age

Here is a link to the website we were looking at on the I Pads- you can try it yourselves at home