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Ms. Bennett (Room 8)

Confirmation & Graduation Day! Congratulations Everyone!

Another week of Activity at Home

At Home This Week.....

What Have We Been Doing?

Look at what we’ve been up to this week at home!

More making/ drawing/ cooking/ building activity this week!

What we’ve been up to! Busy at art, baking, science and fun at home!!

Our Class Rap for Mr. P!

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Our principal, Mr. Prendergast, retired today and we made a video with all of the sixth classes to wish him well and remind him how we’ll miss him.

Lunar Lander Investigations

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Shock absorbers and parachutes helped our designs land softly and safely

Lunar Lander STEM Investigations! Shock absorbers and parachutes ensures the safety of (some!) of our marshmallow “astronauts”!

We (belatedly!!) made St. Brigid’s crosses today!

Hitler’s Canary by Sandi Toksvig- Our Diorama illustration of the novel

STEM - Investigating Reflections: Tricking our perception using mirrors

Kaleidoscope effect- Decreasing angle of hinged mirror

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As we reduce the angle of the two mirrors more reflections are visible giving a kaleidoscope effect

Up the Dubs! A visit from Sam Maguire today with Dublin player Michael Shiel

Coding with Minecraft! We are enjoying STEM week!