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'Erupting Pumpkin'


Erupting Pumpkin

On Friday the class worked as scientists.  This was the 'Erupting Pumpkin in Science'.  So what did we find out?.  We used some materials like Pumpkin, vinegar, Baking soda, food colouring.  There were lots of helpers in the class . So we found out that  when an acid (Vinegar) reacts with baking soda it produces carbonate acid.  This decomposes into co2 and water, this is unstable and hence the reason it pushes up and out of the pumpkin.    The whole class were involved in this science enquiry and we had lots of fun.


Did your child tell you that we came up with a name for of our Class skeleton? Yes his name is "Jeff Boney and we are taking very good care of him.  We have looked at naming the different body parts on the skeleton, this includes the Skull, Spine, Femur and Ribcage.  We have explored the different bones in the body and have taken great care in examining the joints and use in our body.  We are also exploring the Mouth and Teeth.  We will take great care in looking at the food pyramid and the different foods that are body need and use.  The class are looking forward to doing class experiments and acting like scientists in discovering  and investigating new things.


We have looked at Fionn and the Fianna.  We have learned the different rules in getting into the Fianna.  We had great fun in reading about the salmon of knowledge, I think all the children in the class are displaying their knowledge after that storysmiley.  Last week we looked at the stone Age, We are getting great use of our Interactive White Board to see photos of monuments and tools from the stone age.  I think the children especially enjoyed the picture on Newgrange, and lots of stories have been told from previous visits to this spectacular visitor attraction in Ireland.


Each month we have a vistor to our class.  His name is "Mouse".  He has spoken with the children about wildlife living in Ireland.  This is a nature programme for the children.  Mouse is wonderful guest to our class, and the children really look forward to his visit.  Last week he planted some seeds with the children in the class, we are all looking after this and making sure it gets lots of light and water.  We went on a walking trail over to the "marsh", across the road from the School.  We listened to the different sounds of the birds who live there.  We even got to learn about plants and animals that grow and live there.  We looked at the different types of fruit that grow on trees, We discovered the Blackberries grow not too far from the School playground. We have also looked at different buildings and homes in our local community.  I look forward to keeping you up to date in our learning and active engagement we have in our local studies and environment.