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All the earth is sacred- Native American Song

Three north american chants come together in this song. This performance by St Andrew's School Choir, Bath..

An Poc Ar Buile (The Mad Puck Goat )

Chieftains & Friends. We had great fun singing this at our ceili this week !

Báidín Fheilimí - Traditional Irish Song

The Gaelic song 'Báidín Fheilimí' ('Feilimí's little boat')performed by na Casaidigh, accompanied with images of Gweedore, County Donegal, Ireland.( ) An amhrán Gaeilge 'Báidín Fheilimí' a cheoil ag na Casaidigh, le pictiúirí de Ghaoth Dobhair, Contae Dhún na nGall.( ) English translation (Aistriúchán Bhéarla): Feidhlim's little boat went

"Nead Na Lachan" by Anne Wylie

From the CD "Songs From The Seas" by Anne Wylie. A wonderful song in the gaelic language. Enjoy and visit for tour dates and further information.

Vaughan Williams ~ The Lark Ascending

The World Rose: An English classic, performed here by the London Philharmonic Orchestra with David Nolan on violin and Vernon Handley conducting. (Picture: "The Cornfield", 1826, by John Constable)

Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks

This week we listened to 'The Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks'. Here is an animated recreation by Natasha Turovsky of the lost 19 century Russian paintings which inspired Moussorgsky to write his masterpiece " Pictures at an Exhibition.

Playing the piano

Our teacher, has been helping us learn to play some very basic tunes on the piano. Some of us have been doing really well. Maebh and Rebecca also showed off their wonderful talents to us with a few tunes! Well done ladies!

Irish Rugby Anthem - Ireland's Call

Irish rugby Anthem, Irelands Call Croke park 2007 Ireland v England Come the day and come the hour Come the power and the glory We have come to answer Our Country's call From the four proud provinces of Ireland Ireland, Ireland, Together standing tall Shoulder to shoulder We'll answer Ireland's call

Ta ta titi Ta Rhythms to Clap

This week we were learning all about how to read musical notes and how to clap rhythms.

Cup Song as Gaeilge

This week's challenge was to learn 'The Cup Song 'from the film 'Pitch Perfect' in Irish! The lyrics are a little tricky but we are trying really hard.

The Lonely Goatherd

Sound Of Music. Lonely Goatherd

"An Austrian Went Yodeling" -- Thomas Jefferson Elementary's Spring Sing

Here's the song we were singing today. These children have some lovely actions too. This is an old song so there are a few different versions of it.

The Skaters' Waltz

Emile Waldteufel (1837-1915) was a French pianist and composer of popular music as well as waltzes and polkas. He was born in Strasbourg, France, into a family of musicians. His father had a well-reputed orchestra, his mother was a pianist and his brother was a well-liked musician.

Malahide Santa Parade

Still image for this video

Malahide Santa Parade

Malahide Santa Parade

Still image for this video
Thanks to Ms Hayden for this!

Oro Mo Bhaidin

This week , we have started to learn another traditional Irish song. Many of your parents and grandparents would have learned this song in school too. Here the song is sung by The Indiana University Children's Choir -- They sing it in both Irish and English. Listen to how they hold the notes and the different pitches ( high and low notes)

The Viennese Musical Clock 

We have been learning about RONDO form in music. We listened to this piece of music by Zoltan Kodaly. It tells the story of a Hungarian man Hary Janos who went to Austria. He loved to watch the clock in the town square chime and see the marching soldiers upon each hour. This piece of music is telling the story- can you identify the bells? Can how hear the marching soldiers? 


Click on this link for some more activity sheets about the song that you can complete while listening to the piece.



Háry János Suite - Viennese Musical Clock: Zoltan Kodály

The Queer Urban Orchestra performs Zoltan Kodály's Háry János Suite -Movement II: Viennese Musical Clock

The Water Is Wide ~ James Taylor

This month we are looking at music related to the theme of 'water'. Today we learned the song 'The Water is Wide' . First we sang it in unison and then we learned how to sing it as a 'round' or 'echoing each other'

Connemara Cradle Song - Steeleye Span -

The Connemara Cradle Song

This week, we continued to explore 'Night Music'. Our focus was on lullabies- we said that adults often sing lullabies to children at night to help them drift off to sleep. We thought the music sounded 'soft' and 'calm'. We explored the long and short notes that appear in the song. We also clapped the rhythm. 


Here are the lyrics to the song : 


On the wings of the wind o'er the deep rolling sea
Angels are coming to watch o'er thy sleep
Angels are coming to watch over thee
So list to the wind coming over the sea



Hear the wind blow love, hear the wind blow
Lean your head over and hear the wind blow


Oh, winds of the night, may your fury be crossed,
May no one who's dear to our island be lost
Blow the winds gently, calm be the foam
Shine the light brightly and guide them back home



The currachs are sailing way out on the blue
Laden with herring of silvery hue
Silver the herring and silver the sea
And soon there'll be silver for baby and me




The currachs tomorrow will stand on the shore
And daddy goes sailing, no never no more
The nets will be drying, the oars put away
And daddy is home babe and home he will stay.

Oh How Lovely is the Evening

Advanced Girls Ensemble singing Oh How Lovely is the Evening Directed by Patrice Yearwood

This month we are learning how to sing 'Oh How Lovely is the Evening'. We have been learning how to sing in a round .

Oh How Lovely Is The Evening

'Oh how lovely is the evening'- This is an instrumental version of the song we have been learning. This means there are no lyrics in this version .


We listened to this piece of music by the famous composer Claude Debussy. We spoke about the tempo, dynamics and rhythm. We also closed our eyes and thought of all the things the music reminded us of. We think it is a very relaxing piece of music.

Sea Shanties 

This year we are very lucky to have a piano in our classroom.


We are hoping to do lots of singing this year.


We started off this week by learning all about 'Sea Shanties'. These are songs that sailors sang when they were away at sea.


This week we learned 'The Rio Grande'.