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Ms. Diver (Room 6)

Class of 2021 ☺️

Pizza and Pride ☺️

The Great 6th Class Bake-Off ☺️

Cooling down with some ice cream ☺️

Basketball ☺️

Post mile run pictures ☺️

1916 Leaders Projects ☺️

Easter egg hunt ☺️

Happy Christmas from Room 6 ☺️

Using Argos catalogues to solve some real life maths problems ☺️

Certificates for completing a very enjoyable hour of code ☺️

Making Christmas cards to send to nursing homes and day care centres ☺️

Northern Lights inspired art ☺️

Outdoor PE fun!

Getting into the festive spirit in Room6 :)

Having lots of fun solving tasks and playing among us ☺️

We really enjoyed the webinar ‘UniverSilly Challenged’ as part of Science Week ☺️

Happy Halloween from Room 6 :)

Autumnal Art ☺️

Cubism trees inspired by Picasso ☺️

Our pod projects on China ☺️

Fun in the car park completing some addition and subtraction problems :)

Our Wellbeing Wall :)

Our wonderful artwork :)

First week in 6th Class :)