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OWLs Programme

“Mouse” brought us on a walk to explore our school grounds. We discovered a number of House Martin nests under the school roof. We learned that House Martin population is declining and how we can protect them.


We also discovered a wood pigeon nest in the shrub.


Mouse taught us about the different materials birds use to make nests. We gathered materials from the school grounds and attempted to build our own nests. We then placed an egg in them and shook the tree to simulate the wind. We were thrilled when all the nests passed the windy weather test!! 

We had a super day! Thanks “Mouse”! 

We played a game to learn all about bird migration

We have been learning all about hibernation . We hid chestnuts and we are going to try and find them in the spring just like squirrels do!

Learning all about stick insects with our guest speaker 'Mouse' from O.W.L.S.

Learning all about native Irish wildlife with 'Mouse' our guest speaker.