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Geography Week

The children are preparing their slides for Geography Week next week in our class.  Thank you to Arthur and Kuba for organising this week

World War 1 Projects

We are currently working on WW1 projects.  These are in pairs or individual project to be displayed on A3 or A2 sheets.  These projects are to be completed by Friday 17th February 2017.  Here are some useful websites to help you.




Ancient China Projects

Group projects must be in your own words.  Projects can be handwritten or typed and can be in a format of your choice (e.g. booklet, A2, models etc).  There needs to be at least three dynasties included in your project. 


Suggested topics include:

  • Great Wall of China
  • Housing
  • Agriculture & Food
  • Education
  • Discoveries and Inventions
  • Religion
  • Dynasties
  • Fun facts
  • Terracotta Army


Some useful websites include: