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World Book Day

This year World Book Day was celebrated on Thursday 3rd March 2016.


To celebrate World Book Day in our classroom, children got to read the first chapter from a variety of different books. The pupils had to reflect back on what they read then by completing a worksheet answering:

The reason they liked/disliked the chapter

Why the author made them want to read on

Predict what would happen next

Draw the main picture they had in their head after reading the chapter

Looking up difficult/interesting words in their dictionaries.



Here are some of the books we read chapters from...

If you liked reading any of these books and want to continue reading to see what happens next, check out your local library or purchase in a local book shop using your World Book Day token which gives you €1.50 off the price of a book. 


Remember: Book tokens are only valid until March 27th, 2016.



Click on the link below to see which books you can get for free:

Visit the World Book Day website for games and activities, and also for the chance to win prizes!