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Ms. O'Brien (Room 15)

Welcome to Fourth class (Rm 15)

    The pupils have settled in well into Fourth Class by this stage.They are becoming              familiar with class routines and rules.

    They are greatly enjoying their weekly trip to Swimming lessons in Westwood

    PE days will  commence after Halloween on Mondays and Thursdays.

    The pupils have been doing plenty of Revision especially in the areas of Maths,Gaeilge

    Spellings and Handwriting.They have commenced Multiplication Tables and will need

    help  with recall of number facts.Revision of Spellings and Tables every Thursday night 

    greatly helps with their Friday tests.

    Thank you to all of you who completed the information sheets .

    The Children have greatly enjoyed Drama and Art based on the Children of Lir.

    Below is a display if their Art.

    I hope to see you all for PT meetings in October.Please do not hesitate to contact me 

    about any issues before then.

Picture 1