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"Happy Halloween"

Happy Halloween

On Friday we received our Mid-term break.  Our class has work very hard since we came back to school.  As a great treat the class dressed up for Halloween.  I wish all the children a happy and safe Halloween.  Enjoy your break and see you all next week when we are back to school.


Today the 21st of October 2015,  We had our 3rd class Assembly. The children listened all very hard about safety around Halloween time.  We learned about the hard work that the Dublin Fire Brigade does around Halloween time.  We also had great pleasure in presenting two children from each 3rd class with a certificate in kindness.  Well done to Tom Holmes and Jessica Neill for your outstanding kindness in the class.  You have set a wonderful example to all and keep it up !

Assembly 21st October 2015," Certificate in kindness Award".

Green Schools

This year we are working hard to receive our next Green Schools flag.  The theme this year is Global Citizenship.  Our class has picked one child to represent our  3rd class. This person is "Eoin McManus".  He has become a member of the Green School Committee.  He will be attending meetings and will report back to the class with any information.  We will work along with Eoin and all the other classes in the school to receive our new flag. Best of luck to you Eoin!

Green Schools