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Notice to parents of School participation in the MATHletes Schools Challenge

This notice has been sent home to all parents of students under 13 years old who will be competing in the MATHletes Schools Challenge

Dear parent or guardian,


This year, our school will be competing in the MATHletes Challenge (, a free national maths competition for Irish primary and secondary students.  Students compete with their schools and/or as individuals online using the website Khan Academy (, a free, safe and secure online resource. Winning schools will be awarded cash grants to use for technology in the classroom.


Signing up your student


For students under 13, Khan Academy requires that we create a “child account”, which is linked to your (parent) email. If you approve of your child participating, please provide the information below.



  1. Student name:


2. Student’s birthdate:  
______/ _____ / _______   

3. Does your student already have a Khan Academy account?

___ YES                ___ NO


4. Choose a username for your Student:


(Letters only, no spaces, ex. JSmith; if your child already has a Khan Academy account, please provide the child’s existing username above)


5. Choose a password for your Student:


(Minimum 5 characters, different from username; if your child already has a KA account, then you do NOT have to write down the password as long as your child knows it.)


6. Parent/guardian email:


(An email will be sent asking you to verify your child’s account, but you will not receive any other emails without your permission.)



If I do not get a form back with the above information, I will assume that I have permission to use a school based account for your child. (Khan Academy requires that all student accounts must be accompanied by an email address)


We are really looking forward to participating in this exciting new maths programme!  If you have any questions, please let me know.





Ms. Hayden


Check out the links below to learn more: