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Well-Being and Mindfulness

Ms. Whyte's class engage in a mindfulness afternoon....mindful colouring and positive affirmations!

October 2015



This week, 5th and 6th classes have been learning about self-talk.  We all talk to ourselves in our minds all of the time.  This is how we organise, reason, plan and interact with others.  However, when this self-talk becomes negative, this can affect our lives in negative ways.  We may not be able to focus and concentrate as well in school because these thoughts are making us feel bad.  We may tend to argue with others without thinking it through and even become angry quite quickly.  


So one way we can combat this, is to recognise the thought as a 'red' thought and change it to a 'blue' thought.



I can't do this    -    I can do this

I'm stupid         -    I am smart.  I can name my talents

I give up           -    I can try again


What 'red' thoughts do you have and how can you change them to 'blue' thoughts?


We can also add in a positive affirmation.  This can help to calm and refocus the mind.

Examples:  'I am calm.'  'I am ok.'  'I am confident.'  'I am loved.'

Mind Jar

September 2015




This week the children in 5th and 6th classes are making mind jars....a mind jar is filled with water, glitter and sequins and represents the mind.  When we shake the jar it mirrors a busy mind and as we watch the contents of the jar settle, we can breathe and settle with it.  The children can make their own mind jar at home....all you need is a jar or bottle (with a secure lid), sequins and glitter!  A great resource for when we have a busy, angry or worried mind.







Well-Being and Happiness Week 2015