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Irish Dance

This week , we started putting our traditional dance steps to the test! We are learning how to dance 'The Walls of Limerick' or 'Ballaí Luimnigh'. We are hoping to have a ceilí with the other fourth classes in early March for St. Patrick's Day /Seachtain na Gaeilge. We have to learn the steps first! Next up is 'Shoe the Donkey' or 'Cuir Bróg ar an asal' 


For the next few weeks, we are going to work on our athletics skills. We will explore the areas of running, jumping and throwing. Today, we learned all about the correct way to start a race "On your marks, get set, go!" . We also discussed what was meant by a 'false start'. Finally , we learned how to pass and receive a baton in a relay race and had a go at racing ourselves! 

Creative Dance

We've been having great fun lately getting active in our classroom with the help of Go Noodle and the IWB. We have been learning to ZUMBA dance . We have also tried some stretches with the help of Maximo! The songs are great fun and following the videos on the whiteboard makes PE fun! 


Roisin, Eva, Lauren, Tessa, Holly and Emilia have created their own dance for our Christmas play too. We think they did a great job! 

All Ireland Champions 2015 - Up the Dubs!


Up the Dubs!

There was great excitement in Pope John Pauls today as we had a special surprise visit from Senior Dublin Footballer and All Ireland Winner Dean Rock. Dean brought the Sam Maguire trophy with him and we all got an opportunity to touch the famous 'Sam'. We were thrilled to get the opportunity to ask questions- Tommy, Lauren and  Lucy Mai represented our class and asked some super questions! Dean gave us some inside tips from the Dublin camp on what they eat and how long they train for every week! He told us to keep trying Gaelic Football and someday we might see some of our class in Croke Park. 


We will start swimming lessons in Westwood straight after the Mid Term Break ( starting Tuesday 3rd November). These will run for seven weeks. It is important to remind your child the importance of water safety and listening to the lifeguard. Children will need a towel, swimming togs and a hat. Children will need to arrive to school on time as we will need to leave immediately. 


We are learning all about gymnastics in P.E. We have tried different balances- Balancing on one hand and one foot, mirror imaging with a partner , balancing on our knees etc. We are having great fun!

F.A.I. Soccer Skills

A big thank you to all the coaches that have been working with us for the past six weeks. We have had great fun every Wednesday learning new skills and drills that have improved our soccer. 



This week we have been learning how to play 'Basketball'.


We have learned how to do a 'Bounce Pass', a 'Chest Pass' and an 'Overhead Pass'.


We have learned how to 'Pivot' and also how to dribble the ball using both our right and left hands.


We have learned how to challenge another player and defend our net.