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We find that a combination of formal/informal contact is a valuable way of updating parents about their child’s progress in school and of keeping the teacher informed of anything significant at home which might affect a child’s behaviour at school.


1. A Parent/Teacher meeting takes place in November for all pupils.


2. There are meetings in connection with Confirmation/Communion.


3. Induction night in May/June for new 2nd class parents.


4. We are always happy to meet parents but we please ask you not to interrupt the day’s work by popping into the classroom - “just to have a word”. An arranged appointment is more convenient for all concerned.


5. School Reports are issued at the end of the school year.


6. The Pupil’s Homework Journal, as well as incorporating the school’s rules and procedures and daily homework, also has a useful section for teacher or parent notes/messages. Please keep a regular eye on the daily entries and sign when necessary.


7. Newsletters and other notes are regularly sent home - please develop in your child a sense of responsibility regarding the importance of passing on all school notes. Please check daily for any notes.


8. School Website- the school has updated its website which now contains valuable information on all aspects of the school. Please visit the site regularly to view updates. 


9. Pupils Remaining Indoors During Breaks We earnestly ask parents not to send children to school if they are unwell. If for some exceptional reason the Parent/Guardian wishes the child to remain indoors during break time, a note requesting same has to be specifically signed and dated.


10. Pupils leaving school between 8.40a.m. & 2.20p.m. In the interest of safety pupils cannot leave the school unaccompanied.

(a) The pupil must be collected by the Parent/Guardian in the school.

(b) A written note requesting permission for the child to leave the school is necessary from the Parent/Guardian even when the child is collected, in person, by the Parent/Guardian.

(c) On collecting a pupil please sign the book in the foyer.