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Making and testing parachutes for hard boiled eggs!

Presenting French projects and enjoying a French breakfast!

1916 projects

We have just started looking after five caterpillars! We can't wait to watch them grow and develop into butterflies. Keep an eye out for pictures and comments from our class about the butterflies!

Today we released our butterflies Squilliam, Dabmaster , Nemo , Gilavoughi and Lorenzo. We will really miss them. They are now in the wild.   {Olivia}{Róisín}{CathalJ}:}

Today we named our butterflies and they’re called:

Nemo, Dab-master, Lorenzo and Gilavoughi.

They are very nice. They are very big and have orange and grey wings.

They are all the same colour. We are going to let them free on Friday.

We will be sad when we release them.



By Eoghan, Daniel, Alessia and Lauren.

Today the caterpillars were eating food and flowers and eating some flowers and leaves from James’ garden. They were eating a lot of it! 

They are black and orange.

We are going to set them free tomorrow or Thursday!

Will, James and Shane



Today we saw the butterflies, they are beautiful. They are very colourful. It is amazing how they were so small and now they are butterflies. It was cool how we got to see them grow. They were a very fun surprise :] On Tuesday or Wednesday we are going to let them free. We gave them flowers and leaves to eat .We are going to be sad when we let them go. Bye ;] Kate and Anna :]

We saw the caterpillars and they were hanging on their sides. One of them is starting to open up and we are excited. The cocoons are weird shapes and have dots on them. Cathal and James

Today the caterpillars had their final shed and their cocoons have fully formed. Hopefully over the week, they will transform into butterflies. The piece of paper they were on, was stapled onto the net. One of the caterpillars is at the bottom and the other four are on the side.

Conor M. and Conor F. :D

Today is the day the caterpillars begin their transformation when they change from slug things to lovely butterflies.                            



Today is the first day we saw the caterpillars in their cocoons. Soon they will be butterflies and we are all so excited!!

Will B), Róisín :P and Seán :) 

The caterpillars have grown way, way bigger. They have eaten most of the food. We cannot wait for them to start making their chrysalis so that we can see them in their full butterfly form. They are starting to hang from the top of the tub to practice making their chrysalis. They feel very vulnerable at this stage because in their natural habitat there would be predators and it would be easy for them to harm them.

                                    By Daniel and Tara. 

Hi,we have just seen our caterpillars. They are so much bigger than before.

Two of them have crawled to the top and there is loads of web around the tub.

They have eaten nearly all of their food and they are very spikey.

They are sort of black in colour and grey.

Thanks for listening! Anna, Alessia and Zak   :) 

We saw our class caterpillars today, they’re Huge and there is so much web in their tub.

Their tub is filled with this food that looks like sand paste. Soon they will cocoon and become butterflies and we can set them free!

Joshua, Scott, Aaron. 

Today we are doing an update on our class caterpillars.

They have gotten bigger and starting to shed some of their skin that they don’t need anymore.

They are starting to practice spinning their cocoons.

They have begun to grow white hairs all over their body.

At the moment they are still mainly black with spots of brown and white.

Their food is starting to get lower down the container because of them eating it all up : D

Possibly in a few weeks they will start to form their cocoons around themselves.

We can’t wait until they will be beautiful butterflies :D

When they are done their new formation they will crack out of their cocoon and then we will release them into the wild after a few days of living in a large net!

At the moment they are not moving much considering they are still young :]

Soon we will give each caterpillar names.

Right now the caterpillars are on the side of the container.

When they are ready to form their cocoon they will climb to the top of their container and form their cocoon:]

Lauren and Emma

We saw our caterpillars today. They must have grown over the weekend. They were HUGE compared to the last time.


They had made a web sort of thing above the food in the tub, and Ms. O’Donnellan said that it was practice for making the cocoons. They were very hairy. It might take around a week to start making the cocoons.


Eoghan and Des

So today we got caterpillars in our class and they are very small. They can’t be in direct sunlight. Or there can`t be too much noise. They live in a little tub until they get big and turn into butterflies. There are five caterpillars. They eat this brown food. When they are butterflies we are going to name them. They are brown. They don’t do much all they do is eat, sleep and they crawl up the side of the tub. They only move their head. They are starting to make their cocoon soon. First they need to eat all their food. When they turn into butterflies they are out of the tub and in a net.  By Shane and Sophie!

An update on our seeds!

We've been learning all about Fairtrade during Fairtrade Fortnight! We even made our own Fairtrade lemonade! :D

Designing stamps to commemorate 100 years since the 1916 Easter Rising!

Presenting our projects today on 'My Local Community'. The projects were excellent! They look great and we all learned a lot from each other. Everyone made a huge effort and put a lot of work in. Well done everyone :)

We learned a lot about Trócaire today

We made butter today! It was delicious :) We were learning about Granuaile in History and how butter was made in the past. We gave it a go and loved it!

Holiday brochures based on Irish rivers

Projects based on famous European buildings

We learned about the Mayas this week - we wrote out numbers using their number system.