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Sports Day and Our Day Out to the Village

School Tour in DCU!

Teachers vs Students End of Year Soccer Match 2016

This school year was an extremely unique and important one concerning Irish History. The centenary celebration of the 1916 rising were afoot and the 5th class students did their best to learn as much as they could about our heroic Irish ancestors. To their credit their curiosity and enthusiasm knows no bounds as they participated in a 1916 class quiz, many discussions, written exercises, art and geography activities, singing old Irish songs and taking part in a class reinactment of the Rising itself. It was an enjoyable and historic experience that won't be forgot for a long time to come!   
The boys and girls really enjoyed their experience with the ball and bat when they took part in 5 cricket lessons during February and March. They were quick to learn the basics and their throwing, catching and batting skills improved as the weeks progressed. It was clear a lot of the boys and girls had past experience as was pointed out by the coach involved on several occasions. An enjoyable experience without doubt.


Cycling and Road Safety


The students began the first of 6 cycling and road safety lessons last Thursday morning. Sam, the instructor, went through all the safety checks with them before going through the different scenarios that they would be faced with when cycling out on the road. The students really enjoyed the lesson and so too Sam, who remarked on their positive attitude and their diligence in being able to adapt so quickly to the various scenarios that were put in front of them.

Our Local Guard Pays a Visit

During the last school month we were delighted to welcome our local Garda, Enda, into our classroom to talk to us about his work out in the field and what life is really like for the Gardaí here in Ireland. Enda was brilliant with the class. During his talk he brought plenty of hardware with him including bulletproof vests, handcuffs, batons, an Gardaí uniforms and his trusty walkee-talkee. The class were delighted to be able to see and hold the equipment along with putting Enda to the test with some challenging questions, one of which inquired as to whether or not handcuffs were outdated? Enda's answer required the help of a willing participant...Mr. Kiely begrudgingly accepted his faith as the students enthusiastically put his name forward! 


Project Work in the Classroom


The students have been working hard the last two and a half months and with the help of the school iPads and laptops are putting some great pieces of work together. Recently, the class have been looking at the Age of Exploration, the Renaissance and the Normans. Below, they were in the middle of a mini project based on the Mayan Tribe of Central America. Keep up the good work!