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School Choir

Well done and thank you to all our wonderful singers this year

Important Choir 7th June 

Everyone has been informed if they are singing on the 7th June. Please check Aladdin connect and indicate if you can still attend no later than Wednesday 5th June please. We are trying to confirm final numbers. Thank you

Important information for upcoming ceremonies 


  • All choir members must wear their full school uniform or tracksuit. 
  • We will be walking to/from the church regardless of the weather . All children must bring a coat.
  • You are advised to have a bigger breakfast and lunch on the days you are singing as you will be standing for quite a while in the church .
  • You are advised to bring an extra bottle of water with you too as you may be thirsty from all your singing .
  • no child is to leave the church without informing Ms Magner or Ms Lonergan. Make sure they mark you off on their roll . 
  • no child will be allowed to walk home unless written permission has been given.
  • children come to school as normal and we will return to school after the morning ceremonies .

We Are Called (Lyrics)

Text and Music by David Haas, 1988 Performed by the LPC Singers Virtual Choir Directed and Mixed by Mike Kabash, 2021

Spirit Filled Day

This is one of the songs we sing for Confirmation - our version is slightly different but it will give you a head start to rehearse at home.

On This School Our Blessing, Lord - For First Communion /Confirmation, we sing a similar version of this song but the words are 'On this Child your blessing Lord'. This is the closest recording I can find.

Go Now In Peace - Recessional Song ( First Holy Communion)

Uploaded by Tanya Develos on 2022-02-10.

Alive-O 7 - Our Father (from Alive-O Mass)

CD: Alive-O 7 (Disc 2). Track: 46.

Alive-O 7 - Song of Confirmation

CD: Alive-O 7 (Disc 1). Track: 11.

Alive-O 4 - We Come To You, Lord Jesus

CD: Alive-O 4 (Disc 2). Track: 20.

Alive-O 6 - Come Holy Spirit

CD: Alive-O 6 (Disc 2). Track: 23.

Alive-O 6 - Christ Be Our Light

CD: Alive-O 6 (Disc 2). Track: 13.

Alive-O 4 - This is the Day

CD: Alive-O 4 (Disc 2). Track: 17.

Alive-O 4 - My Shepherd is the Lord

CD: Alive-O 4 (Disc 2). Track: 7.

Choir : First Holy Communion and Confirmation 

If you would like to join the choir for the Sacraments please let Ms Magner know asap. Rehearsals will be during lunch time and assembly time . We are looking for fully committed children in the choir please. Due to the large numbers of interest , children will be guaranteed to sing at one mass only. 

Peace Proms 3rd February RDS Dublin

Peace Proms - The Concert

After all the rehearsing the concert is finally over and we had a ball! It was a long day but a fantastic experience . We sang in front of a crowd of 4000 people in the RDS!! There were 2500 children from schools all over Ireland in the choir . We sang a variety of songs but I think the highlight of the day was during the musicals medley a very special guest appeared! It was Alisha Weir the star of the Matilda the musical movie! We were star struck! Thank you very much to Sharon, Greg and all the CBOI orchestra members . A special thank you to Ms Magner , Ms Mc Kenna and Ms Byrne for teaching us and supervising on the Saturday . This is the fourth time the school has participated in Peace Proms and we’ve enjoyed every minute. We hope to be lucky to perform there again some time soon. 

Peace Proms finishes for Christmas

Well done to all the boys and girls that have been busy rehearsing for Peace Proms. Our final rehearsal before Christmas is Monday 18th. Don’t forget for the concert in the RDS you will need:

(1) dark skirt/trousers/leggings

(2) plain white top (no pictures /large logos/slogans) 

(3) sunglasses .



Peace Proms Choir and the Christmas Cracker Concert

Well done to all the children from

5th and 6th class that participated in the recent “PJP Christmas Cracker Concert”. We were thrilled to perform three songs at the event - Silent Night, Away in a Manger and O Holy Night alongside our fantastic school secretary Ashleen. We had a great night . 

Peace Proms Rehearsal

Peace Proms

We had a great day out at the National Arena for our pre RDS rehearsal. We met with the conductor Greg and some of the other schools we will be performing with . We are very excited ! 

Rehearsal cancelled

Reminder there is no rehearsal on Monday 27th November due to soccer trials . Good luck with the trials everyone! 

We will see everyone for a very important rehearsal on Monday 4th December.


A reminder that we will be attending the workshop on Tuesday 5th December. It does not end until 2pm so we will be a little late returning to school .

Peace Proms and tickets 

Well done today - next rehearsal is Monday 6th November (first day after mid term) - we will be revising what we have covered and starting a new song. 

Don’t forget audience tickets go on sale on November 1st so make sure to set the alarms as it’s first come first served . You have been emailed the presale password . 

Peace Proms Next Rehearsal Monday 23rd October 


Well done today on our first rehearsal. Great sound altogether and it's only day one- It's a super start. 

See you all at the same time (2:20pm-3:20pm ) in the same place ( room 6 Ms Byrne's 6th class-beside office) next Monday 23rd October.  

For those that missed today , we covered the 'Musicals Medley'- you might like to have a listen to the songs before next Monday so you can familiarise yourselves with the tune: 

(1) Go Go Go Joseph ( Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat)

(2) We're all in this together (High School Musical) 

(3) Under the Sea ( The Little Mermaid)

(4) Revolting Children (Matilda)

Next week, we will be revising this but adding another new song . 

See you on Monday , 

Ms Magner and Ms Byrne

Peace Proms Rehearsal 

Rehearsals will start this Monday 16th October at 2:20 -3:20pm in room 6 . See you there . They will be at the same time every Monday unless told otherwise. 

No rehearsal Monday 9th

Still waiting on the music from the RDS team. There will be no choir this Monday 9th October . We will let you know the start date once we receive the music 

Peace Proms 2024

Thanks a million to everyone from 5th and 6th that applied for “Peace Proms” . The choir has been registered and we cannot accept any new members now. 

We are waiting to receive the music and song words from the RDS team and will start rehearsals as soon as we do (most likely mid October). We will let you know the start date ASAP.


We are looking forward to Saturday 3rd February already 🤩

A big thank to our choir of 2023

Thank you to everyone that sang in the choir this year for the First Communion ceremonies and Confirmations. They were thrilled with their Friday surprise today. A big thank you to the Parents’ Association for organising the special treat . It is very much appreciated. Lots of happy faces - We hope to see many of you back next year to sing again. Thank you for all your hard work from Ms Magner and Ms Lonergan. A special shout out to Jack who accompanied us on the organ and to all the parents that volunteered to supervise . 

Confirmation Songs 

As below for First Holy Communion plus these extra songs:

  • We are Called
  • Song for Confirmation (Now you have been confirmed etc)
  • Oh what a spirit filled day
  • Come Holy Spirit Come 

Communion Songs

  • This is the Day
  • Alleluia 
  • We come to you Lord Jesus
  • Love Shine a light
  • Our Father
  • Go now in Peace 

Permission Slips 

Please return all completed permission slips for the Communion choir to the box outside Ms Magner’s room (11B) no later than Friday 31st March. Thank you . 

We will be dividing the choir into smaller groups and will let you know after Easter which mass you will be singing at. 

School Choir

The school choir is now open for new members from 3rd-6th class.


We will be singing at the First Communion ceremonies and Confirmation so it will be sacramental music we are learning first .


If you are interested in joining speak to either Ms Magner or Ms Lonergan . 

On Saturday 4th February , we headed to RDS Simmonscourt for the Peace Proms. For many of our choir , it was their first time on stage . It was a fantastic opportunity for the children to sing with a live symphony orchestra . Over 2500 children from all over Ireland came together to form the Dublin Peace Proms choir. We had a fantastic day! Thanks to Ms. Magner, Ms. Ní Chonchubair, Ms McKenna & Mrs Magner for accompanying the children on the day . 

Choir After School- See you in January!

There is no after school until after Christmas as the hall is out of use with Christmas plays . 

Try to listen to the songs over the break and learn your words/dance moves.


It will be full steam ahead after Christmas and we may have to squeeze in a few extra rehearsals . 

The countdown to Peace Proms is on… 

Peace Proms Workshop

We had a fantastic day out in The National Sports Campus today. It was a great opportunity to meet Sharon (the lady behind all the Peace Proms organisation) and Greg our wonderful conductor . We got to meet some of the schools we will be performing with too. 

It was great to sing together with other schools and we really are very excited about our big RDS adventure in February . 

Tickets are onsale now from the Peace Proms website . 

A special thank you to all the parents and guardians that came along to help out today . It was much appreciated. 


Peace Proms Workshop

The workshop will take place this Thursday 8th December. Please make sure


(1) you eat your lunch before boarding the bus

(2) you bring a coat

(3) you can bring your songwords if needed 

(4) use the bathroom before getting in the bus .


Workshop doesn’t end until 2pm so we will return to school immediately but may get stuck in traffic. 

Peace Proms Choir

Children from 5th and 6th class are busy rehearsing for the Peace Proms Concert in the RDS next February .We are all very excited .

Peace Proms

This year will mark Pope John Paul’s NS , 3rd outing to the Peace Proms concert. It will only be our second trip to the RDS as our 2021 concert was a virtual one due to the pandemic . 2023 is back in the RDS and we are so excited to be back in person ! Follow our journey here..