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Our future is so bright we have to wear sunglasses!

Experiment Time: Floating and Sinking - Design and Make your own Boat. 


This week children are working hard designing their own boats. Watch this space to see how they get on....

Design and make a boat that can float

The peas have grown and we found a caterpillar!

Innocent Sow and Grow Gardening Competition

Experiment : Hello, Hello making string telephones

Exploring heat, temperature, solids and liquids..we made jelly!

Experiment Time: Finding the Centre of Gravity

Experiment Time: Daffodil Update

Experiment Time: Hyacinth is in full bloom

Experiment Time: Design and make a windsock

Experiment Time: Design and make a windmill

Experiment Time: Hyacinth Update

Experiment Time- Exploring Light and Colours


We have been learning all about animals that live in Ireland. Did you know that a squirrel lives in a drey? Did you know that animals that come out during the day and sleep at night are called diurnal animals? We discussed deer, bats, squirrels, pygmy shrews and hedgehogs. We think they are all fascinating creatures!


Experiment Time- Growing Crystals 


Last week , we conducted an experiment- we poured liquid over some paper trees and left them for 24 hours. When we returned the next day , look what we found....


Hyacinth Update

Daragh Cullen spotted some great changes ! He noticed there are now some small, white roots growing . Well observed Daragh :) 

Experiment: What does a plant need to grow? 

Today , we have planted a hyacinth bulb in our classroom. We have placed it in a glass jar so we can see the roots growing. We filled the jar with water and have placed the jar near the window so it receives some heat and sunlight. This image is what we hope will happen and is taken from

This week is National Science Week in Ireland 

Experiment : Planting Spring Bulbs - Daffodils

Experiment : Materials and insulation

3C Materials song

A song about the properties of materials

Tree Song- Learn about Trees! Roots, and Trunks, and Leaves!

A science song about trees. (lyrics below) A fun one for Earth Day! see more of Mr. R.'s free science resources at LYRICS Trees, trees, trees, Have roots, and trunks, and leaves, Trees, trees, trees, Have buds, and fruits, and seeds, Trees, trees, trees, A home for birds and bees, We all need our trees, trees, trees...

Curious George: Curious About Trees

George is curious about trees! Learn about the different types of trees, leaves, and seeds. Kids can learn more about trees and plants here: Find online games, activities and more videos at

How a Tree Grows

Created by Morgan and Matt An educational video about how trees grow

National Tree Day - October 8th 2015

S.E.S.E Adopt a Tree Project 

Everyone has received guidelines on how to complete their project. Remember , your project is due on Friday 6th November. Don't leave it until the last minute!

Living Things : All about me


This month in science we are examining 'Living Things' with a particular focus on 'Human Life' and 'Myself'.


We did three experiments in class.


  • Firstly we used a pen and a straight line to figure out which eye was our 'dominant eye'.


  • Next, we did an experiment to find our 'Blind Spot'. We used a piece of paper with a dot and a cross. When we moved the page closer to us, the dot disappeared!


  • Finally, we examined our fingerprints. We discovered that everyone is unique and although some children in our class had similar prints , they were never exactly the same.


We had great fun trying out these experiments! Click on the link here to try them again at home. Always ask an adult for help .

Skeleton, Joints, Bones and Muscles - Human Body Parts -

The greatest machine you will ever own is your body. It is more complicated than any computer. Your body is made up of hundreds of different parts.

Every Breath You Take


This week we have been learning all about our 'windpipe' and 'our lungs'. We recorded how many breaths we took in 30 seconds.


Afterwards , we conducted a 'Fair Test' to see what happened when we exercised a bit more.


We predicted what we thought would happen and we recorded our results.


We tried running on the spot, jumping, walking and hopping. After 30 seconds we stopped and had a break.


We analysed our results at the end .



How Do My Lungs Work?

Your lungs are a pair of large organs in your chest and are part of your respiratory system. When you breathe, air enters your body through your nose or mouth.