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This page will be updated shortly with some examples of the children's work. 


We have been reading through some of the enjoyable texts and poetry in Sneak Thieves, the third class reader. 

At the moment, we are looking at the extract 'Billy the Bird'. Some of the discussions that have arisen from the text are: 

How would you feel if you saw your sibling floating above their bed one night? What's the first thing you would do, do you think? 

Would you keep it a secret or would you tell your parents? Why/Why not? 

Imagine you have just discovered the ability to fly. What would you do with this newfound ability? How do you think it would feel? 


The children recently wrote a story called 'The Secret Door'. I was amazed at their wonderful imaginations! This class have a real gift for story-telling. I must remember to give them plenty more opportunities to write stories. 


We have just learned the song There, Their and They're. If the children can remember this song during their independent writing, they're going to warm the cockles of their teacher's heart. 


We are also learning a quirky poem by Brian Moses, called 'Walking with my Iguana'. The children came up with cool actions to accompany it.