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Maths Week 2015

We have been participating in Maths Week in Room 16! smiley


This is a fun puzzle we completed this week! 



Your goal is to bring the wolf, the sheep, and the head of cabbage to the left side of the river in the man's boat.

Click the wolf, sheep or cabbage on the shore to add it to the man's boat, and click on the boat to move it across the river. Click the wolf, sheep, or cabbage in the boat to put them on the shore. Watch out! The wolf will eat the sheep when left alone and the sheep will eat the cabbage when left alone.



Click on the link below to see how you get on! frown

Pictured below is Lucy solving the puzzle!

Maths Trail

Today we took part in a maths trail around the school. 

We counted horizontal and vertical lines on the school gates, made a tally of different vehicles that went by the school and made a bar graph based on it, estimate length of basketball court, compared the size of leaves we found with different objects we found outside, and lots more!


Look at the slideshow below! frown

A riddle for you...


Seán from our class asked us the following riddle today. None of us so far have come up with the correct answer. Séan will tell us the answer next week!

See if you can figure it out at home...


Once there was a robber who stole 3 bags of coins. When the police found out they chased him. The only way to get away was a bridge but the bridge could only hold the robber and 1 bag of coins. How did he get them all over at once?