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Visual Arts

Pop Art inspired by Andy Warhol

Designing bags using fabric crayons and fabric paints

Fingerprint Bumblebees and their hives

Artist of the month: Henri Rousseau

This month, we looked at the famous painting 'Tiger in a Tropical Storm' by Rousseau. We examined the colours, shades, lines and textures in the painting. Using this painting as inspiration and some help from this website, we created our own tiger drawings. We coloured them using oil pastels and crayons. 

Oil Pastel- Tiger in a Tropical Storm by Henri Rousseau

Pixel Art - Tech Week 

As part of Tech Week , we examined computer images and how they are made up of tiny little squares known as 'pixels'. We were fascinated at how , we can see pictures clearly when at a distance but how when we zoom in they become tiny squares! Computers are amazing! Follow our adventures on Twitter. 

Exploring Pixel Art - Tech Week

Construction - Easter Chicks

Construction - Easter Bonnets

St Patrick's Day Art

Oil Pastels - Artwork inspired by Georgia O' Keefe

Drawing - Green School Global Goals Poster Competition

Construction/Paint and Colour- Egyptian Art

Paint and Colour - Valentine Picture Frames

Construction- Celebrating Chinese New Year

Wax resist painting inspired by Renoir's 'Les Parapluies'

Op Art - 3D hands

The Polar Regions

Textured Paint and limited colour: A Winter Scene

Fabric and Fibre: Snowman Puppets

Christmas art

Still Life inspired by Paul Cezanne

Hogwarts comes to Room 29 - Design a Witch's Hat Project using fabric paints

Painting Hallowe'en Pumpkin Masks

3D Hallowe'en Witches

Wax Resist Painting - A Bird's Eye View of a Witch's Cauldron

Moneybox Street

Inspired by Van Gogh's 'The Bedroom' - Design your dream bedroom

Up the Dubs! 3D pop out G.A.A. drawings

Learning to draw cartoons with 'Tina-mation'

Dingle Dangle Autumn Scarecrows