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Class news

Four of our students took part in the 2nd class Spelling Bee. They did very well and we were all very proud of them. Well done!

Working on our projects

Everyone had great fun at Cricket last week.

Below are some photos of our class getting active during Well-being week.

We used Colour Alive on iPads last week. It was great fun.

Learning about ‘area’ during maths

Making 3D shapes

Some students from 5th class came to visit our class. They did a presentation on climate change. We then made our own presentations on scratch junior

Some creativity during golden time

Happy St Patricks day.

Balancing weights during our maths lesson.

We won the Golden boot for the second time this year!

Our 2D shape monsters

World book day.

Over the last few weeks we have been learning about procedural writing. Pancake Tuesday fit perfectly into this topic. We followed our procedure to make pancake batter. They were delicious. 

We had great fun creating characters from air dough during art last week.

We earned golden time this week. Below are some pictures of golden time.

We have been learning all about digital and analogue clocks this week. We were practicing telling the time on our white boards.

Here are some pictures of our snowmen art.

Decorating our Christmas tree

Our winter themed door. We made mini snowmen to decorate the classroom too. 

We have been learning about different types of homes we have in Ireland and all around the world. Below are some pictures of the 'homes game'.

We won the Golden boot for Feet first Friday in December. Well done !

Our reading buddies invited us to their science fair. It was great fun and we learned a lot.

Happy Halloween from Room 20

Our Maths trail for Maths week.

Warm and cool colours artwork


We have started our Weaving Well being programme this year. These are some pictures of the meditation in lesson 2.

Place Value

Below are some pictures of the class working with place value.

Colour wheel art

Here are some pictures of everyone working together. We were doing some group work based on the poem 'Welcome back to school' by Kenn Nesbitt.