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Hello Autumn!

How quickly you have arrived here.  We have had lots of fun making and doing art work related to Autumn.  I have discovered there are lots of wonderful children in the class who like to show their creative side.  Each week it makes things interesting to try out different art materials.  The children learned all about the famous artist "Carvaggio", he is well know for his fruit bowl creation.  Have you seen what the class has produced?.

We used oil pastels and coloured paper.  The children in the class created their own art work.   We also used paint to draw our own "Autumn Tress". We used lovely Autumn colours like green, orange purple, brown, and red.  Last week we created our own Autumn Wall.  You will see all different types of leaves, conkers and  acorns.  This time we used glue and paper mache.  All their work is hanging up in the class for everyone to admire and praise.  The class really have displayed their beautiful  and imaginative  side to their own work.  Well done 3rd class you really have done amazing work, the whole school is talking about your work.