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The Sword and the Stone Panto time

Benjamin Britten - Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra

This week we are learning all about the instruments in the orchestra using this wonderful piece by composer Benjamin Britten. YouTube Symphony Orchestra 2011, Michael Tilson Thomas

Pizza Man - Moose Tube | GoNoodle

Drive a Chevy Van like Peter Pan as you sing and dance the Pizza Man! Another fun “Call and response “ chant to learn . We had fun with this one!

Boom Chicka Boom - Moose Tube | GoNoodle

This week we starting learning about keeping the beat . We also started to learn about listening to everyone else around us by trying this call and response chant. We had to be careful to only speak when it was our turn. Try it again at home!

Halloween Rap for Kids: Body Percussion Play Along!

Halloween Rap fun to try at home !

Dance Monkey Percusión Corporal_Body Percussion

The instructions are in another language but that didn’t stop us following the symbols! This one was a big hit in room 28 .

Body Percussion - Can't Stop the Feeling`

Body Percussion - Can't Stop the Feeling

We are getting very good at body percussion ! This one is a little trickier but we had great fun trying!

Ta and Ti-Ti Lesson--Introducing Ta and Ti-Ti

We have been learning all about long notes and short notes . We have been introduced to one beat which we call “ta” or a crotchet and a half beat which we call “ti”. Two half beats “Ti-Ti” is the same as one whole beat “ta”. Watch this video again to remind you and see can you clap along to the rhythms .

Monster Mash Body Percussion

After learning all about “rhythm” and “beat” , we discussed how we could use our bodies to make different sounds - clapping , stomping , clicking etc See can you keep the beat to this popular Halloween tune !

Music Lesson for Kids - level 1 - Pitch

An introductory video explaining all about “pitch “for more lessons and songs, visit:

Pitch - Higher, Lower, and the Same

This is a video-version of a high/low/same pitch game, great for early ear training. Listen carefully to the first note - is the next note higher , lower or the same ?

Pitch - Higher and Lower

This is a video-version of a high/low pitch game, great for early ear training. Listen and can you figure out which note is higher

Exploring tempo - is it fast or is it slow ?

This video is a great way to get kids learning the difference between fast and slow in music. Make it a game by only using the audio. Listen and see can you figure out is the tempo fast or is it slow ? We had great fun listening to these in class! We even recognised some of these famous classical pieces..

Getting to Know You karaoke

This week , we listened to the song ' Getting to Know You' from the popular musical 'The King and I '. The song is song by a teacher as she meets her class for the first time which we thought fitted in nicely with the first week back at school! We learned the difference between 'solo singing ' and 'group singing' . We also discussed what was meant by the 'texture' of the music and listened to whether is had a 'thin or a thick texture'.

Getting to Know You from The King and I

Marni Nixon (dubbing Deborah Kerr) and Chorus sing "Getting To Know You" from the 1956 film version of THE KING AND I.