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Ta and Ti-Ti Lesson--Introducing Ta and Ti-Ti

We have been learning all about long notes and short notes . We have been introduced to one beat which we call “ta” or a crotchet and a half beat which we call “ti”. Two half beats “Ti-Ti” is the same as one whole beat “ta”. Watch this video again to remind you and see can you clap along to the rhythms .

Monster Mash Body Percussion

After learning all about “rhythm” and “beat” , we discussed how we could use our bodies to make different sounds - clapping , stomping , clicking etc See can you keep the beat to this popular Halloween tune !

Music Lesson for Kids - level 1 - Pitch

An introductory video explaining all about “pitch “for more lessons and songs, visit:

Pitch - Higher, Lower, and the Same

This is a video-version of a high/low/same pitch game, great for early ear training. Listen carefully to the first note - is the next note higher , lower or the same ?

Pitch - Higher and Lower

This is a video-version of a high/low pitch game, great for early ear training. Listen and can you figure out which note is higher

Exploring tempo - is it fast or is it slow ?

This video is a great way to get kids learning the difference between fast and slow in music. Make it a game by only using the audio. Listen and see can you figure out is the tempo fast or is it slow ? We had great fun listening to these in class! We even recognised some of these famous classical pieces..

Getting to Know You karaoke

This week , we listened to the song ' Getting to Know You' from the popular musical 'The King and I '. The song is song by a teacher as she meets her class for the first time which we thought fitted in nicely with the first week back at school! We learned the difference between 'solo singing ' and 'group singing' . We also discussed what was meant by the 'texture' of the music and listened to whether is had a 'thin or a thick texture'.

Getting to Know You from The King and I

Marni Nixon (dubbing Deborah Kerr) and Chorus sing "Getting To Know You" from the 1956 film version of THE KING AND I.