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Hit the Button!

We love using Hit the Button everyday to help us learn our tables. We are becoming so quick as a result! indecision



The children were so excited to start multiplication and they are flying through it! :) It is important to spend time at home learning your tables each night. 

Below are some links which you might find useful when learning your tables! smiley



Maths Week 2017!!! 

Our Halloween themed Maths Week door! 

We celebrated Maths Week by:


  • Creating a Halloween themed maths door
  • Taking part in the Maths Week Quiz
  • Going on a maths trail
  • Focusing on lines and angles in art
  • Solving a maths word problem each day



Maths Trail :)

Clock work


We have been learning to tell the time in both analogue and digital form. As this is such an important topic, I would appreciate any support with this topic at home also. smiley There are fun clock games below that will help the children practice telling the time. 

Time Games! 



Place value, Addition/ Subtraction & Rounding Games