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Ms. Creavin (Room 5)

Fighting Words Creative Writing Workshop June 2019

Seashore Safari to North Bull Island June 2019

📘📚 World Book Day! 📚📕

❤❤❤ Valentine's Art! ❤❤❤

Australia Day 🇭🇲

👩‍🔬Science Week👨‍🔬

As part Science Week the children had a day of experiments! From designing and building electric quizzes, parachutes and lava lamps to investigating how sound travels and 'Magic Milk' the children had a fun-filled day of investigations!

Fitness Class with Glen


On Monday former student Glen Daly led a fitness class with the boys and girls. He showed them lots of simple but effective exercises they could do to help improve their fitness! Thanks Glen!

🎃👻Halloween Fun in Room 5! 👻🎃

Maths Week Data Investigation!

Garda Enda pays a visit!

Tackling Tangrams!

Cycling 🚲