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Mr. Colbert Room 27

As you can see from the photos below, we had a very busy week last week. On Thursday we took the DART into the city to visit the Natural History Museum & National Gallery. The children took part in an hour workshop examining a variety of skulls and the relationship between their shape & their diet. We then had a self guided tour of the museum and each of the children had their own favourite animal, bird or fish. Mine being a rat from Dungarvan. We then visited the National Gallery to see a collection of Leonardo da Vinci sketches on loan from the Royal collection. We also saw works by Picasso & Monet. Again different children liked different paintings. Thanks to Paula & Norma for helping out on the day & making the trip possible.

Natural History Museum

On Monday, June 13th room 27 & 28 visited Kilmainham Gaol. We had learned about the gaol in history & to commemorate the centenary of 1916 & the children's hard work throughout the year, a special visit was organised. As usual the class were on their best behaviour and represented the school superbly. The pupils knew many answers to the difficult questions & we also learned new information. They gave this important building the respect it deserves & were a pleasure to accompany. Thanks to Ella's & Katie's Moms Jenny & Dorothea who were a great help & made the trip possible. 

Kilmainham Gaol

A huge thanks to Jack's Mom Mary who popped in for a visit with a human skull. The skull belonged to Jack's granddad who taught anatomy to student doctors. The skull was passed around and any pupil who wished to hold it got a chance as Mary informed the children about its different parts and functions. Mary also had a question and answer session about different parts of the body. A visit from the doctor wouldn't be complete without a checkup & a few students availed of the reflex test. We also listened to each other's heartbeat with the stethoscope. I think we have some future doctors in the class.

A skull in school.

Next Wednesday, June 1st is International Children's Day. To mark this day in our parish of Yellow Walls an event has been organised at the church of The Sacred Heart in Seabury, (Bouncy castles, games etc.) All are welcome and encouraged to bring a picnic. This event will include the Blessing of Animals so bring them along too. 
Adiós y Gracias Sandra! Tomorrow is Sandra's last day in PJP as she is returning to Spain. Sandra had many friends in PJP's and will be missed. Today Sandra & her sister Carla prepared some traditional Spanish food & sweets for us to taste.

Sandra's leaving party

Under the Sea

New student!

A new student started in room 27 today, he joins us all the way from Singapore. He's still very shy and hasn't told us his name yet. The boys and girls in room 27 were very kind and shared their lunch.

Constructing 3D images of our sketches

May is the month of Mary

Our projects on Japan

We are all individual and have special talents and gifts yet we are also part of a community. Our family, our classroom, our school, our neighbourhood, our village, our football team or swimming or music group are all communities.

Being part of a Community

Trip to Japan

This morning we had a visit from Maya's mom, Mutsumi. Mutsumi grew up in Japan before moving to Ireland. Mutsumi showed the class an informative power point in relation to Japan & the rest of the world. We learned that it takes almost 12 hours on an aeroplane to get to Japan & we all got boarding passes. We then learned to make origami paper cranes. The boys and girls had many questions for Mutsumi about growing up in Japan, especially food, school, music & TV. Mutsumi also told us about the native animals in Japan & the advanced technologies. We all had an enjoyable morning. Arigatoh Mutsumi.

Visit from author Patricia Murphy

On Tuesday we had a visit from author and documentary maker Patricia Murphy. Patricia grew up in Dublin but now lives in the UK. She gave a presentation on the 1916 Rising, speaking about stories she had uncovered during her research. She and the children read extracts from her novel Molly's Diary. She spoke about her job & life as an author and answered some excellent questions from the class. This is our second visit from an author this year, after Oisin's Dad Rod visited us earlier in the year. Yet again the children were fantastically behaved & represented the school superbly. Patricia was impressed by their manners & knowledge. Well done boys and girls.

Working with chalk

Exploring magnets

Celebrating Japan

Fun with clay.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Remembering 1916

Future Engineers

Ash Wednesday.


Carol Service

Room 27 Nateev, Navete, Nav.......OH! School Play

Huge congratulations to one of the best boys in room 27 on winning footballer of the year for his team. Here he is with a picture of his trophy.

Well Done!

Happy Human Rights Day

Our Amazing Advent Service.

Hardworking Historians

The Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

Today, December 8, Catholics around the world celebrate a beautiful feast day, the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception

What does this mean?  Many people mistakenly think that this day celebrates when Mary was told that she was going to have the baby Jesus by the angel Gabriel, however this feast day refers to Mary being conceived without original sin.


So don’t forget to say a special prayer today to Mary our Mother.

This picture shows Mary in the womb of St. Anne. St. Anne and Mary both have their backs turned towards the apple tree to visually state that Mary was conceived without original sin. (The sin from Adam & Eve) There are 3 beams of light coming down from the sun that stand for the trinity. Also, the snake (Satan) is unhappy about what has happened here.

Futsal champions!

Science Experiment to see the damage drinks have on our teeth.

A reminder that our history projects are due in this Friday 4th December. I'm looking forward to seeing them all and hearing about all that you've learned. 


Raffle tickets will be on sale from December 7th in Room 21. The Raffle for 4th class will take place the following Monday the 14th. Good Luck to all the boys and girls in 4th but especially to those in room 27.


On Monday December 7th, room 27 will have our advent prayer service with Ms. Ireland to help remind us of the true meaning of Christmas.


Room 27 will be performing our Christmas play 'Away With The Manger' in the school hall on Wednesday 16th December at 11am.

Bain triail as

The 3 C's of drama - Can you remember them?😎

Boys & Girls, Don't forget this Sunday,November 29th is the first Sunday of Advent. Advent is a very special time in the church year when we prepare for Christmas. 

During Advent we should make a special effort to follow the Ten Commandments which God gave to Moses.

Our sacred space with some examples of our Ten Commandments.

Some shots of some super soccer stars⭐️

A sample of Room 27's amazing artwork!

Front Row seats for the Sam Maguire!!! Up the Dubs⚽️

Some photos below, taken when we were learning about solids, liquids & gasses.

Thursday 15th October.

  • Don't forget to bring in leaves for tomorrows art lesson.
  • A big thank you to those who completed the survey to help us improve Irish in the school.

Wednesday 14th October.

  • Boys and girls, don't forget to complete your survey and remind your parents to do the same.
  • 2 days left in our 'Scary Shoebox' competition.
  • Hopefully all parents were given the note about our unwelcome visitors in room 27.
  • Less than one week to our parent teacher meetings and all the boys and girls are working so hard and are looking forward to receiving excellent reports.   


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