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The Human Body

Experiment with chicken bones


Today we completed an experiment using vinegar and chicken bones.

In groups, we placed a chicken bone into a jar of vinegar.

We have to leave the bone in the jar of vinegar for a week.

We had to predict what we thought might happen! We will write the results up next week!

Here are pictures of the groups with the experiment!


Some people don't like the smell of vinegar and had to block their nose! frown We completed the experiment outside so our classroom wouldn't smell of vinegar! smiley



After a week of being left in vinegar, the chicken bones could bent and in some cases they broke in half! See pictures below for the result!

Name those bones!


Mr. Clarke did a really fun group activity with us where we had to draw a huge human body and label as many different muscles and bones as possible! We really enjoyed it! smiley