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During our I-Pad time we made acrostic poems based on the theme of Halloween! 

Some of the poems we have covered in class...




Gorilla by Martin Honeysett

A giant Gorilla came to tea,
Whoever asked him? It wasn’t me.
He came in through the kitchen wall,
It took six chairs to seat him all.

He drank his tea straight from the pot,
And sandwiches - he ate the lot.
He poked the jellies to make them wobble,
Then swallowed them up with just one gobble.

All that remained on the plate was the cake,
There was nothing else for him to take.
When he’d eaten that I showed him the door,
And hoped he’d go now there was no more.

Instead he ate the door as well,
Except for the knocker and the bell.
After that he at last decided to go,
Who invited him? I’d like to know.

Nancy, Norman, Vanessa and Victor


Nancy Noun lives in our town.

She labels everything around.

She wears jewellery, bows, and rings.

She names people, places, and things.


Vanessa Verb is very strong.

She never sits still for too long.

She dances, twirls, and shows her groove.

She needs ideas of ways to move.


Norman Noun lives in our town.

He labels everything around.

He wears ball caps, belts, and braces.

He names people, things, and places.


Victor Verb is full of action.

He skips and slides with satisfaction.

He shows us lots of ways to move.

Give him words that he’ll approve.


by Anita Goodwin