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Mr. Murphy (Room 12)

A big thanks to Mason for finding this very funny Poem lately!



On the thirty third of Januaugust,
right before Octember,
a strange thing didn’t happen
that I always won’t remember.


At eleven in the afternoon,
while making midnight brunch,
I poured a glass of sandwiches
and baked a plate of punch.


Then I climbed up on my head to see
the silver sky of green,
and danced around my feet because
I’d turned eleventeen.


A parade began to end
and music started not to play,
as rain came out and snowed all night
that warm and sunny day.


That was how it didn’t happen
as I keenly don’t remember,
on the thirty third of Januaugust,
right before Octember.

Christmas in Room 12

Still image for this video
This morning, we opened up our Secret Santa Presents! We were all delighted and very grateful to recieve such fantastic gifts from our friends. In the video you also will see many different groceries. These are for our Saint Vincent de Paul Christmas Hamper appeal!
Merry Christmas!

This week, we have been learning all about Leonardo da Vinci, a famous artist, deisgner and inventor from Italy. He is famous for painting the Mona Lisa and the Sistine Chapel. An interesting fact about Leonardo da Vinci is that he wrote in reverse script which means you need a mirror to understand his writing. We tried reverse writing ourselves. Take a look at how it turned out!

Reverse Script Writing