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Incredible Edibles

As part of Incredible Edibles we are growing strawberries, carrots, potatoes, turnip, lettuce, chive and spinach.  Ann-Marie and I took them home for the school closure.  The  plants are continuing to grow and I will post regular pictures of them here!


Our next task we had discussed briefly in class and might be a nice idea to try at home.


Task 4: Preparing / Cooking Food

Students can take pictures of themselves preparing, cooking or eating Irish potatoes, fruits, vegetables and herbs at home.  You could prepare a soup, make a smoothie, make a fruit salad etc. Please send the pictures to me using office365


For some great recipes for all the family, go to:


'In Season'

Have you noticed there are lots of different types of fruit and vegetables during the year in the potato, fruit and vegetable section of the supermarket.  This is because different fruits and vegetables grow during the warm months, whilst others grow during cold months.  This is what it means when fruits and vegetables are 'in season'.  When you are preparing your meal, take a look at the fruit and vegetables that you are using to see if they are in season using the last link above.

13/05/20 Our first strawberry!


Photos 03/04/20


Photos -27/03/20