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We have been learning all about electricity. We made a circuit using wires, a bulb and battery. We also tested a number of different items to see if they are conductors or insulators. 

Nest building Challenge

Over the past number of weeks, Mouse has been explaining how to identify different types of birds. This week , we completed a nest building challenge. Each nest had to hold an egg for 10 seconds. 

Mouse brought some visitors with him on his monthly visit. He brought a newt, some tadpoles and frog spawn. We all got a chance to look at the different amphibians. It was a great learning experience.        
Every month we measure our spider plant to see how much it has grown. The longest leaf is 14 inches long.

We have been learning about the solar system and the planets. We also learned about moon and how it orbits the Earth. We listened to the song below about the phases of the moon to help us understand them.

Phases of the Moon.mp4

Still image for this video

Science week

During science week we took part in a number of experiments. We recorded the temperature in a number of different locations inside and outside the classroom. We also carried out an experiment to identify what plants need to grow. We planted 4 pots. One with no soil, another with no light, one with no water and a control. We will be recording the results next week. 


On Friday we did a range of experiments including making a lava lamp, the coke and mentos experiment and placing an egg in vinegar. We will have to wait until Monday to see the results of the egg experiment. 


Mouse comes to visit our class every month. This month we went on a nature walk with Mouse to the Marsh. Each child was given a hazelnut to hide. Mouse explained that many animals hide their food when winter is approaching to ensure they have something to eat. We will have to see if we can find our hazelnuts later in the year. 

Today we researched Neil Armstrong on I-pads. The children really enjoyed it and learned all about the first man that walked on the moon. Below are some pictures of the children working on their I-pads. 



We have also learned about Blanchardstown. We discussed similarities and differences between Malahide and Blanchardstown. We also located both places on the map.


We have studied the skeleton and the human body. The children really enjoyed this topic and can name many of the bones in the body. 


In history we have read the story Fionn and the Fianna and we are currently doing 'Games and Pastimes'.