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Last month we looked at (Mé féin).  We learned all about different parts of the body as gaeilge, the children especially enjoyed saying Tá gruaig x orm agus Tá suile x agam. We also looked at the different members of the family.  We are having lots of fun in the class ag caint, ag eistéacht agus go hárithe tá a lán craic agus spraoi sa seomra rang.


This month we are learning all about "Bia" (food).  We are learning all about the different types of food as gaeilge.  The children have especially learned how to say what they eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The useful phrases include "Is maith liom...., Is Brea liom ach Is Fuath liom.......  We have looked at "An Bhiachlár"  (menu).  We are now experts in ordering food and telling the waiter what we would like to order.  The children have enjoyed telling the class what their favourite (Restaurant ) An Dhialann is and also not forgetting  an Mhilseog (Dessert).

We are using Sin é 3 in the class.  A cd for each child is included with the book.  This is very useful for looking and reading at the different themes in irish. The cd can be played in the evening and helps  a lot with the listening and pronunciation of irish words.