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Maths classes often start with a round of quick-fire mental maths questions on the areas that we've covered so far. 

You can try it at home/in the car (until your child gives you an anguished 'why do you insist on torturing me?' look. That's the point where you stop. If you can accurately predict the point at which he/she will give you that anguished look and stop at the question before that, then do this instead. Alternatively, ignore this page entirely!)


To date, we have done:


For example: 

What's 83 rounded to the nearest 10? 

What's 260 rounded to the nearest 100?

What's 349 rounded to the nearest 10? nearest 100?  etc. 


Place Value 

For example: 

In the number 679, what is the value of the 7? (it's 70). Now, if I asked you, what's the Place Value of the 7, your answer would be 'Tens'. 



For example: 

What is 123 + 10?

What is 46 + 10? 

What is 339+20? 


These are nice and easy but it's great practice for children to do them mentally. 


Likewise with Subtraction


What is 67 - 10? 

What is 167 - 10?

What is 167 - 20? etc. 


Lines and angles

Where can you see a horizontal line? 

Can you see a vertical line anywhere? 

Can you show me some parallel lines? 

The children have also learned what a right angle is, have spotted them in their environment and can tell what is greater than and less than a right angle. 


The next mathematical behemoth we will be tackling is Time. Giving your child a watch, or, making them aware of the time on a clock in the house will help enormously with their learning.