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The Wooden Horse of Troy

We were learning about the wooden horse of Troy today! We found the story very interesting!

Wooden Horse of Troy video

This is a fun and lively poem about The Wooden Horse of Troy

The Wooden Horse of Troy
A poem for kids by Paul Perro

The Greeks had been besieging Troy
Ten years, or thereabout.
The Greek army surrounded it,
No-one got in or out.

For the poor Trojans, trapped inside,
The years slowly dragged on and on,
Until one day, they woke up, and
The Greek army had gone.

Outside the city walls, they found
No Greek invasion force.
Instead they found the strangest thing,
A giant wooden horse.

Thinking it must be a sacrifice
They opened up the city gate
And brought the horse inside and then
Began to celebrate.

The Trojans did not realise
The whole thing was a ploy.
Greek soldiers hid inside the horse
And now they were in Troy.

When the celebrations were over
And the exhausted Trojans slept,
A trapdoor opened in the horse
And out the soldiers crept.

They opened up the city gate
And let the Greek army inside -
That’s right, the Greeks had not gone home,
They’d just gone off to hide.

The Greeks controlled the whole city
Before the Trojans were awake.
Troy was lost because its people
Made a silly mistake.