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Fighting Words Creative Writing Workshop

“The Giraffe, The Pelly and Me” Book Reviews

Parse the sentence helper sheet

Our class novel : Roald Dahl | The Giraffe & The Pelly & Me - Full audiobook with text (AudioEbook)

Link to revise what we have read in school today .

Some useful links to help with spellings

Click on the following links to find some games and activities to help with spellings. 

Some useful links to helpful online grammar games

Click on the links below to try find some games to help you with your grammar eg capital letters, punctuation, alphabetical order etc

Storyline Online

Click the following link for access to some of the library books we have listened to during class DEAR time . You might like to read some of them again . 

Spellings Week 1: 7th -11th September (Diagraphs)

1. Mimic

2. Laptop

3. Sank

4. Neck

5. Magpie

6. Rapid

7. Quench 

8. Outing 

9. Rescue

10. Jumped

11. Disagree

12. Correct