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In this part of the class page you will find suggestions and web links which can be completed at home.  

smiley100 Challenge Taskssmiley

1. Write a book review or a film review. 

2. Design a new book cover for a book you like.

3. Write about your favourite author. 
4. Draw an invention to help you in school.
5. Invent a new game to play in yard.
6. Make a bookmark for your favourite book or the most recent book that you have read.
7. Make a card or write a letter to a family member or friend.
8. Beginning with the letter 'A" list in alphabetical order as many names you can think of. (Other lists can include: places, animals, foods, sports, past times, jobs people have, things you would find in school, in the kitchen)
9. Write a story or poem.
10. Write a song.
11. Write down all the things you are good at.
12. Describe how to play your favourite sport.
13. Write down 5 facts about something that interests you.
14. Listen to the noises around you and draw what you see.
15. List as many adjectives or describing words that you can think of to describe yourself.
16. Describe yourself for an alien.
17. Who is the person you would most like to meet? What would you
like to ask this person?
18. Design a useful invention.
19. Draw yourself as a cartoon character.
20. Make up to quiz questions you know the answer to and write them down. 
21. List all the verbs (doing/action activities) you will do today.
22. Draw how you are feeling using colours.
23. What would you do with 3 wishes?
24. Invent your own super hero. Describe and illustrate.      
25.   If animals could draw, what would their artwork look like? What would a dog or a cat or a mouse draw? What would a goldfish or a shark draw? 
26. Draw a t-shirt and design an interesting pattern on it. 
27. Draw a medal for yourself. It must be designed for the thing you do best. 
28. Draw a vase and a beautiful arrangement of flowers.
26. Write about/draw a city on another planet. 
27. You are a toy designer; draw your new toy. 
28. Describe an idea for a new TV show. 
29. Draw a picture of yourself the way you will look 20 years from now. 
30. Draw a picture of the perfect garden for your house. 
31. Draw a picture of you as a small baby.  
32. Draw a picture of where you would like to fly to. 
34. Design poster to advertise your favourite movie. 
35.  Draw your view from an airplane window. 
36.  Draw a scene on another planet and include another kind of being. 
37.  Draw a picture of someone you would like to visit. 
38.  What do you think a garden would look like from the view of an insect?
39. Design a sandcastle. 
40.  Design a house built underground. 
41.   Draw a view under a magnifying glass (please include the magnifying glass). 
42.  Draw the boat you would like to travel in around the world. 
43.  Describe a scientist's top secret project.  
44.  Draw a picture of yourself if you grew flowers instead of hair. 
45. Write a large number in the middle of a page. Turn it into a person/animal. 
46. Combine a plant and an animal to create a new life form. 
47. Add a machine to a shape (square, circle, etc.) to create a new invention. 
48. Draw or write about yourself in a mood. 
49. Things that make noise and illustrate the sound. 
50.  Design your own board game. 
51. Create a "how to" poster e.g how to make a cake, 
or make friends, 
or organize a party
or take care of a baby 
52.  Draw what you imagine yourself to look like with wings. 
53.  Write about or draw things that come from eggs. 
54.   Create a comic strip with your own characters. 
55.   Write about or draw your dream room. 
56. Design an advertisement for yourself. 
57. Design new methods of travelling 
58. Design an ad for your favourite music. 
59. Design a new map. 
60. Create an imaginary alphabet.  
61. Design clothes for the future.  
62.  What would happen if you were the tallest person in the world? 
63. Draw a view of the jungle. 
64. Design an imaginary insect. 
65.   Write about your best friends. 
66. Write your birthday wish list. 
67.  Write about a dream you had. 
68. Draw a mirror and all it shows. 
69.  Draw or write some facts about your favourite animal. 
70.  Design a robot. 
71.  Write your favourite song. 
72. Write about a great holiday you’ve taken.
73. Write about your favourite things.
74.  If you had three wishes what would you do?
75. Write about your family.
76. Write about what you like to do at the weekend.
73. Write about the rules of a computer game
74. What do you want to be when you grow up?
 75. Describe your favourite sport.
 76. If you had super powers what would they be?
77. If you were an animal, what animal would you be?
78. Describe the games you play with my friends.
79. Write about something you do not understand.
80. Imagine you took a trip on a rocket ship, write about your journey.
81. Describe a day in the rain forest.
 82. Write about a day in the North Pole. What wildlife would you see?
83. A visit to the South Pole. What animals would you see?
84. Write about a trip to the desert
85. Describe a great party that you have attended.
86. What you would buy with 10 euro?
87. What you would buy with 100 euro?
88. What you would but with 1 million euro?
89. Write 10 facts about an animal.
90. If you could fly what would you do?
91. Imagine you have taken a trip in a submarine, write about your journey.
92. Draw a cartoon character you like
93. Write about the day the colours got mixed up. 
  The grass was blue, the sky was green!
94. If you were in a time machine and could go back in history, where would you go?
95. Write about what makes you laugh?
96. Write about what makes you sad?
97. Write about what you are afraid of?
98. Write about what would happen if you were the teacher?
 99. What do you like to read books about?
100. What are you really good at?




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