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Visual Arts

Oil Pastel Bats

Colour Wheel Eyes

Colour mixing

The Wonders of the Colour Wheel

The Wonders of the Colour Wheel Written by Charles GhignaIllustrated by Ag JatkowskaRead by Shani-Perez-Anthony. We used this story to inspire this week’s art lesson .

The Colour Wheel and Exploring Warm and Cold Colours

A step-by-step look at how to create a colour wheel and how it's useful.

The Colour Wheel :Basic Colour Theory for Kids

This week we are learning all about “The Colour Wheel” - primary colours , secondary colours and complementary colours.

Constructing Zoobots from recycled materials

Autumn Hedgehogs & Stained glass leaves

Harvest Time Scarecrows using oil pastels

The Great Big Orange Splot

The week we used a popular children's book as inspiration for our first visual arts lesson. We spoke all about what it means to be kind and how to respect others . We discussed how we all have different hopes and dreams and used Mr Plumbean's motto 'Our street is us and we are it. Our street is where we like to be and it looks like all our dreams' to create our own 'Streetscape'

The Big Orange Splot

This book, The Big Orange Splot, was written and illustrated by Daniel Manus Pinkwater, read aloud by Mrs. F. We used this story to inspire our art this week !