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November 2015

We have studied the area of Blanchardstown and looked at aspects of life in an urban area.

we will study maps of the Zoo and the blanchardstown centre and other attractions of this area.

in History we will be looking closely at methods of farming thoughout the ages.We will discuss the great famine in Ireland and draw charcoal pictures of it. We will also  dramatize scenes from it.

We will also study games and pastimes down through the ages.

 we have started the topic Plants and habitats.we have discussed many plants and theis habitats and planted seeds for an experiment. It would be helpful to get your child to help in the garden and plant seeds etc there.We have also discussed the seashore and tides.As we live so close to the sea a walk in  the seashore would be enjoyable.Some useful websites are

The class have been discussing the idea of community and people on whom we depend. we represented this idea in images and writing.

We will read and enjoy another Irish legend Setanta next week.We will  also dramatize this story in pairs and groups