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Term 1

Project 1 - County Profile

We are currently working on our first project. The theme of this project is Counties. We learned about County Tipperary in class. We also learned about the different counties in each province and where they are located on a map of Ireland.


For this project we have each chosen a county. We are using Google Docs for the first time!



Project 2 - China

Our second project was a group project on China.



Project 3 - Rainforests

Our 3rd project will be a project on the Rainforest. We will work in pairs for this project. This is a link to the project guidelines and some pictures from Ms. Kieran's trip to Central America where she saw some plants and animals that can be found in Rainforests.


Project Guidelines

Term 2

Project 4 - WW1

Click on the link below to read the guidelines for your next project. This will be your first project in a scrapbook.