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2D shapes : Polygon Song Video

The Polygon Song Video is a Shape Song Video that teaches the Polygons: Triangle, Quadrilateral, Pentagon, Hexagon, Heptagon, Octagon, Nonagon, and Decagon. These Shape Videos teach the Shape Names, Geometry Skills, Math Vocabulary, Shape Recognition, and use Audio, Visual, and Kinesthetic Learning.

Measures explained

Have you made the leaderboard this week?

Maebh makes it into the top 100!

Climbing up the Learnstorm Leaderboard

Congrats everyone- This week's public leaderboards are up! We have successfully managed to jump up to 78th place on the Hustle Board- That's fantastic! Last week we were just outside the public leaderboard range at 104th place...Out of 1001 schools nationwide ( and counting as more schools join in ) this is fantastic news!


Keep playing Khan Academy at home- even five minutes every day can really help you win an individual prize or win fantastic prizes for your school.


Encourage your brothers , sisters, cousins and friends in our school to join. If they come to me with a note from their parents I can sign them up and add them to our class list.


Or if they sign up at home choose Ms Magner as their coach.


The more children in the school that take part - the better chance we have of winning a prize!


Keep 'Hustling' folks! Let's try climb further up that board next week.



Don't forget guys the Learnstorm Competition is underway- Remember to click on the Mastery Mission Challenges to earn extra points


Click on the link to access the leader board- The more you play, the more you help our school stay on top ! Come on guys! Lets see if we can get to the final....



Students gain a mastery point for each level of mastery gained in a math skill. So taking any skill from "needs practice" to "mastery level 3" will earn a student 4 mastery points.


Hustle points are designed to reward students that  push themselves to keep learning and building their brains no matter what their level. Students gain hustle points for taking on challenging skills and persevering.


Points per eligible student is the total points accumulated by that school's participants divided by the number of students in school who could participate. Eligible students are in grades 3 - 12.

Measuring fun with trundle wheels

Converting Metres to Centimetres


Symmetry for Kids

Song: Greg Percy - Symmetry (I'm Beside Myself)

Line 'em up (decimal song) | Mister C

Mister C knows the importance of lining up his decimals before adding or subtracting! This fun song was made to remind students of all ages to "Line 'em Up"!


We have been finding decimals a little tricky - Listen to this song , it might help you a bit more.

Timmy's Challenge- Try it yourself

  1. Write down your shoe size.
  2. Multiply it by 5
  3. Add 50 
  4. Multiply your answer by 20
  5. Add 1015
  6. Subtract the year you were born ( e.g 2005, 2006)


Look carefully at your answer. 

You should find the first digits are your shoe size and the others are your age. 


Did it work out for you? Rebecca was the first to get the right the answer in our class! Wwell done Rebecca! 

Mr Flavin takes over!


This week, we had a very special treat as we had a mystery teacher put us through our paces as we tried to solve a tricky maths brainteaser! We listened carefully and tried to work out the puzzle using the small whiteboards. We had great fun! Here's some photos of us at work . 


Well done to Anna- She was our tables champion today! Keep learning your tables boys and girls! This week we are learning all about division

Math Antics - Basic Division

Fun with Fractions

This week we are learning all about fractions- so far , we have learned that a fraction is a tiny 'bit, 'piece' , 'section' or 'segment' of something. This of your pizza from the Take Away - how would you divide it up evenly so everyone gets the same amount of pizza? That's right you'd use fractions!


Click on the links below to learn some more about fractions:


Why not listen to these songs too!


Fractions, Fractions Song

This one's about simple fractions- they're parts of a whole!

Frozen Fractions 'Here I Go!' - Sing-A-Long and Learn Fraction Rules! (Frozen Parody)

Nook Lane are at it again - this time with a Frozen 'Let It Go' parody! Teaching the rules of fractions to kids around the World. This song tells the story of a girl struggling to learn fractions- Listen to their helpful hints!


Today we started using 'Scratch' . This is a very useful way of teaching the children to use maths in a fun way. The children can use Scratch to create simple projects involving computer codes. We can't wait to try it again next Tuesday !

Our Maths Area

Time: How Many Minutes / Hours / Days in a Month Song

Do you know how many hours are in a day? how many minutes in an hour? how many months in a year? Listen to this to help you learn them!

Thirty Days | Mother Goose Club Playhouse Kids Videos

Special request from the girls! Here is a version of 'Thirty Days hath September rhyme' . Don't worry about the girl talking at the start but the rhyme appears afterwards!



Last week , we were learning all about the 'Time'. Time is something we use every day and it can be a little tricky to grasp. We use 'Time' when we want to know when our favourite television programme is starting or maybe when we want to know when our football match is etc. 


Click on the links below to try a few time based activities: 


Listen and sing along with this catchy tune to learn the names of the different angles we were talking about in class. Can you remember what a straight angle is? What a right angle is? What are degrees?

Triangle Song by Rockin' the Standards

Some people were confused about the three different types of triangles that we were learning about in Mental Maths this week. Here is a helpful song to sing along too! It's catchy too!

This year we are using a new school book 'Planet Maths' .


Reminder this is a school rental book and you cannot write in it. Everyone will need their own maths copy.


We have started the year by revising some concepts covered in third class.


Games to try at home


This week we are working on 'Place Value' .


Click on the link to try some games at home:


The children will have a tables test once a week.