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School Timetable

08.40  School is open to receive pupils

Pupils are not allowed to enter the school building before this time. (This stipulation is for insurance purposes)


*Please note: The Roll will be called daily by 09:30. Any pupils not in school by this time will be marked absent.



10:25 - 10:40  Little Break for Juniors(2nd & 3rd Class)


10.45 – 11.00  Little Break for Seniors(4th-6th Class)




12:05 -12:30   Lunch for Juniors(2nd & 3rd Class)


12.35 - 13.00  Lunch for Seniors (4th-6th Class)


Pupils are permitted to eat lunch in the classrooms. If weather is wet, all pupils are kept indoors.



14:20  School Ends


School closes at 11.50  on the day of main school holidays - Christmas, Easter & Summer.


Non-uniform days take place on the first Friday of each month.


On the first day of the new academic year, 2nd class pupils are expected to arrive between 08.50  – 9.15  where they go to their new classroom. They will be shown where to line up by their teacher for subsequent mornings. All other new pupils please report to school office at 09.15  – when they will be brought to their classrooms