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  1. Make the tallest tower you can which is capable of standing freely and not attached to anything.
  2. Make a boat which floats successfully in a container of water and can carry a cargo of at least one euro.
  3. Make a marble roller coaster which brings a marble down from a start height of 1 metre without any drops of longer than 5cm.
  4. Use recyclable materials to make a creative structure. It can be abstract or a 'thing' you decide.
  5.  Construct a zip wire or a similar thrill seeking experience for a chosen type of mini figure.
  6. Design and make your own desktop organiser.
  7. Design and make a bridge spanning a gap of 30cm which can hold as much weight as possible.
  8. Design and make a wheeled vehicle which will travel independently from the top to the bottom of a sloped angle of 30 degrees.