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Biz-Zee Speller Initiative




The Biz-Zee Speller is an initiative which strives to promote and support all students in improving their spelling and spelling skills. This initiative that will initially focus on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th class students. In 2020 this initiative will be run throughout the whole school. 

This year there are two year level representatives (class teachers) from 2nd, 3rd and 4th class who have volunteered to assist in the administration of the Biz Zee speller challenge. It has been agreed that four students from each class in each year level will participate in the Biz-Zee Speller challenge 2019.  

The programme consists of a practice round and then 8-9 rounds of spellings. Finally there is a tie-breaker round. Each student will be asked a spelling which they must repeat prior to spelling to ensure they have heard it correctly. As the spellings increase in difficulty the students may ask for a sentence and a definition. 


The 2nd, 3rd and 4th class Pope John Paul II Biz Zee Speller Challenge will take place on the following dates. 


2nd class                     June 10th 2019                          10.50 a.m.         PE hall 

3rd class                     June 24th 2019                           11.15 a.m          PE hall 

4th class                    June 17th 2019                            11.15 a.m.         PE hall 


All classes in each year level will be in attendance at the above challenge. The students will support their class representatives whilst seeing how with effort and hard work they too could be the next Pope John Paul II Biz Zee Speller.