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SIP for Irish Survey Results


Thank you all for taking time to complete the Irish surveys. The response was incredibly positive! We are currently updating our School Improvement Plan in Irish and the information provided by parents and children will help us to move forward collaboratively.  Thank you all for your involvement. This report will be available in full on the website at a later date. For now,  these were your results.

Parent's Survey

How would you rate the importance of Irish? 25% completely unimportant, 43% important, 32% unimportant

Does your child have a positive attitude about learning Irish? Yes 74%, No 24%

Do you try to speak Irish at home? Yes 30%, No 70%

Do you feel confident helping your child with Irish homework? Yes 48 %, No 52%

Do you encourage the use of the Sin É cd for reading homework? Yes 34%, 66%


Children’s survey completed on new website

 61% of children like reading Irish.

 67 % of children like speaking Irish.

30% of children speak Irish outside of school.