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⭐ Anti-Bullying Week 2023 ⭐

November 20th - 24th is Anti-Bullying Week at PJPs and we have lots of different activities planned. We will be focusing on many different aspects of friendship and anti-bullying. We will be focusing on a different theme each day throughout the week.


Please see details below:


Mindful Monday 20th: On Monday we will look at the impact that bullying has on mental health.


Thoughtful Tuesday 21st: Students will be encouraged to think about their relationships with others and how they can show kindness and empathy towards those around them. Students will engage with a Random Act of Kindness activity. 


Walk with a Friend Wednesday 22nd: Students are encouraged to celebrate friendship by walking/travelling to school with a friend.


Thankful Thursday 23rd: Gratitude Day. Class teachers will plan activities around this theme.


Friendship Friday/Care and Connect Day 24th: On Friday students can celebrate and connect by promoting positivity, inclusivity, diversity, happiness and friendship by wearing their warm pyjamas/onesie to school. A big shout out to the Student Council for suggesting such a great day! This day also coincides with the Toy Show! To bring the excitement level up another notch, we hope to distribute the Christmas annuals on this day also.