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  • Spelling worksheet
  • First 4 words into sentences
  • Reading Log
  • Maths worksheets p48 Problems 1-8
  • Science Research
  • Verb of Week: Dean Aimsir Chaite
  • CLL: p25 1,2,3.  First three words into sentences.
  • Art letter



Next 5 Spellings into sentences

CLL Next 3 words into sentences 

CLL 4 & 5

Learn AL of Dean

Maths: worksheets:  p43 q5  p48: 9,10,11,12,13,14

English worksheet and questions

Art note & bring in money

Reading Log



Reading Log

Spelling sheet

Next 4 words into sentences

CLL Next 3 words into sentences

CLL q7

Verb: AL of Feic: Test on friday

Maths: p59 D3, p60 B1,2,3

English: By the North Star p14/15.  Questions p17 Blue Box


Last spellings into sentences

Maths Worksheet p19 1234, 9a, 10a, 14a

CLL: finish

3 words into sentences

Irish grammar test tomorrow on Dean

Science project

Word Wizard - The Maya p27 Questions Section B

Reading Logs due tomorrow!