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Our Pen Pals in Co. Wexford! 


There are 27 third class children in room 28. 

Ms Kehoe's sister teaches 27 3rd class children in Co. Wexford. 

We decided to write letters to them and we were so excited when we received letters back from our new pen pals! 

We have so much in common and we loved finding out about their school and what it's like to live in a rural areacrying

When the post arrived in room 28!!

Irish Sign Langauge Week 2017 smiley #ISLWEEK 


This week (16th - 24th September)  is Irish Sign Language Awareness Week across Ireland. The children in Room 28 were delighted to learn about  Irish Sign Language from Ms. Shaw. We learned about the importance of recognising ISL as a way of communicating with the deaf community. We learned the alphabet, how to count to ten and the days of the week through ISL.  Thanks again to Ms Shaw for a very enjoyable and worthwhile lesson!